The Inner Winner
Pandemic Recovery Programme

A 6 week programme that will provide you with the tools to reset, realign and refocus.


Feeling jaded and unsure of your next steps?

  • Stuck on a plateau?

  • Lost the pep in your step?

  • Wondering how to get that spark back?


The Pandemic Recovery Programme

A 6 week programme that will provide you with the tools to reset, realign and refocus. You will be guided through modules on:

Meditation is not only about stress reduction. It is about taking the time to centre yourself, to be in control and to give you the opportunity to make the profound discoveries that can only occur when you are at peace.

Goal Setting

A ship without direction is destined for disaster. The first step towards achievement in any sphere of life is to define the ambition. From there, anything is achievable.


Whether it’s in sport, family or work – leadership is a vital ingredient that can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. Release your inner leader by developing your authentic self.


We possess the greatest tool of self-control imaginable – if only we could harness it correctly for maximal results. Breathing occurs for everyone, every minute of every day. But how many of us know how to use our breath to think and perform better? We can show you how.


Your capacity to focus on specific tasks when required will define your outcomes. After identifying your goals, can you zero in on the steps needed to achieve your ambition? Focus is critical to making your dreams reality.


Our democratic institutions are founded on the ideal that those in power are held to account for their actions – both positively and negatively. Being held to account for your actions can give you that impetus you need to do what you need to do. Find out how to identify those that can help you on your journey with us.

Unlock your Inner Winner with Alan Kerins

I am a man on a mission to change peoples lives. I am sick of people not achieving their goals. I am sick of people living lives of quiet desperation. I am sick of people being stuck.
I have created plans and programmes that give people specific tools that will transform their lives. These programmes give people the time and space to reflect, reset and re-energise. Through programmes such as the Connemino at the majestic Kylemore Abbey, I hope to be able to help you reach your true potential.


Stop. Take stock of where you are. Consider your options.


Breathe. Identify what drives you. Recognise your strengths and your weaknesses.


Dream. Imagine yourself to have achieved what you want already. Be comfortable in your power.


Prepare. Assess the actions, attitudes and skills you will need to achieve your goals. Be prepared to deliver.

Commencing 14th September 2020.

Cost: €199 Per Person. Delivered Online Via Zoom over 6 Weeks.