Corporate Retreats

Do you need time, space and support to reset? Our bespoke corporate retreats give you the tools and techniques for optimal performance across your team and organisation

Co-Created for Your Needs

We design unique bespoke programmes for you and your staff based on your needs. These programmes are designed and tailored to your specific requirements and strategic needs. Nullam sit amet lectus sit amet augue accumsan lobortis eu in ipsum. Nullam in nulla sed nunc tempus semper non non velit.


Stop. Take stock of where you are. Consider your options.


Breathe. Identify what drives you. Recognise your strengths and your weaknesses.


Dream. Imagine yourself to have achieved what you want already. Be comfortable in your power.


Prepare. Assess the actions, attitudes and skills you will need to achieve your goals. Be prepared to deliver.

Our Process



In order to understand your business and the challenges you face, a period of discussion and probing is required.


You know your business inside out. This is both a great strength and a great weakness. To come up with a truly worthwhile program, your insights and knowledge are vital.

Retreats & Experiences

Stepping outside the day to day work environment and into incredible locations such as Kylemore Abbey and Glenlo Abbey lends itself to new insights. Remove yourself to improve yourself.

Ongoing Training & Development

Changing a culture cannot happen overnight. It is the continuous, deliberate development of high standards that will drive success. To ensure this success we will create a tailor plan that ensures the vision you set out is achieved.

This programme was life-changing, and something I really needed. Alan stripped everything back to practical and simple terms and made everything so clear and easy to understand.

Lisa CaulfieldDirector, University of Notre Dame at Kylemore.

Past Locations


Kylemore Abbey

Lambay Island

Past Retreat: Kylemore Abbey

Teaching you the tools & techniques for optimal performance in all areas of your organisation.

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